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Welcome to Mulberry Farms
The Luxury Farmstay in Gurugram You've Been Dreaming Of

Named after the highly coveted Mulberries which grow throughout the estate every year 'Mulberry Farms' is designed for a calm getaway from the busy life of Delhi/NCR. The entire estate is Chemical Free and a Certified USDA Organic Land.

Recognized as the Best Farmhouse Near Gurgaon, Mulberry Farms in Manesar is more than just a farmhouse—it's a haven for those in search of both luxury and tranquility. Ideal for those seeking the best luxury villas near Delhi, our private farmhouse features five opulent bedrooms, designed to cater to your every need.

The villa is 5000 Sqft, designed in modern interiors with spacious common areas and cozy bedrooms and a full service self use kitchen. The pool is chemical free with a fountain and pool deck with outdoor lounge furniture.  

Spacious Living Room

5 Bedrooms

5 Bathrooms

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Swimming Pool

USDA Organic Farm

 Accommodations That Define Luxury

  • Room 1: Located on the ground floor and handicapped-friendly, this room is a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. Revel in its modern amenities, perfect for those seeking the best farmhouse near Delhi for a stress-free weekend getaway.

  • Room 2: Also on the ground floor, this handicapped-friendly room exudes the same level of luxury, offering a unique luxury farmstay in Gurugram experience with a panoramic view of our exquisite pool and lawn area.

  • Room 3: Designed with families in mind, this ground-floor, handicapped-friendly room makes Mulberry Farms the best farmhouse near Delhi for weekends with your loved ones. Enjoy the additional single bed and your private balcony overlooking the pool and lush green lawn.

  • Room 4 & Room 5: Situated on the first floor, these rooms are spacious havens for those seeking the luxury farmhouses in Gurgaon. Their modern bathrooms and splendid views of the pool and lawn area are the epitome of luxury.

 Amenities: A Blend of Luxury and Leisure
  • The Lawn: Perfect for everything from picnics to farmhouse weddings, our lawn is your go-to spot for any celebration.

  • Sit-Out Areas: Sprawled across the property, our sit-out spots offer a peaceful retreat, capturing the essence of a luxury farmstay in Gurugram.

  • Open-Air Jacuzzi & Swimming Pool: Looking for a farmhouse in Gurgaon with a pool? Our property not only offers a luxurious swimming pool but also features a poolside open-air Jacuzzi.

  • Pool-Side Changing Room: Equipped with all modern amenities, it's perfect for freshening up after taking a dip in what could be called the best swimming pool any luxury farmhouse in Gurgaon can offer.


 Exclusive Access for Our Guests

When you book with us, you're not just reserving a room; you're securing an experience. As a guest at Mulberry Farms,   you will enjoy exclusive access to all our amenities, reinforcing why we are often considered the best farmhouse near   Delhi for weekends or even longer stays.

 Mulberry Farms is more than just a place to stay; it's an experience, a lifestyle, and your own private luxury retreat. Join  us and discover why we are the best-kept secret for those searching for the perfect luxury farmstay in Gurugram.

Additional Services*

  • Horse & Camel Rides

  • In House Massage

  • ATV for Off Roading 

  • Barbecue  

  • Outdoor Music & DJ

  • Catering & Decoration for Parties 

*Chargeable & Based on Availability of Vendors 

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