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  • Rahul Singhal

A Luxury Private Pool Villa near Delhi

Mulberry Farms is a Luxury Villa near Delhi, Nestled inside an Organic Lush Green Farmhouse. The Property is like staying at a Presidential Suite of a 5 star hotel with 3 bedrooms. The best part is the openness, modern interiors & fine linen.

As soon as you enter you are welcomed by an Amazing Swimming Pool with fountains, the sound of water just relaxes you- then the staff shows you around the property & takes you for a walk in the Organic fields where you pickup seasonal vegetables for Lunch.

After that we setup our bar & enjoyed Music. The purpose of this holiday was to relax & party away from the packed crowds of Delhi- We initially planned to go to Nainital but due to Covid restrictions could not make it- however I was glad to be near Delhi & yet experience such an amazing pollution & corona free environment.

Kudus to the Mulberry Farms staffs who served us all meals in the Gardens. All the cooking was also done with Organic Oils which were made on the Property- This type of experience is rare.

The Villa is located 10 mins away from ITC Classic Golf Resort & we played Golf both the Mornings. The Rooms, Cleanliness & Hospitality were all amazing.

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