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  • Sonali Singh

Work from a Luxury Holiday Home :)

In the Covid 19 Lockdown, I got stranded at my apartment in Gurgaon. Our building has strict protocol & we were literally sealed in our homes. We came across Mulberry Farms online & managed to book it for a week. My entire family (7 people) including my parents & children arrived here and were in awe!!

The property is Green, Modern & Cozy. The farmhouse is huge & we could finally breathe fresh air and move around- there was no sign of the Pandemic here and we had acres of land to enjoy- the best part was the Organic farming & Pool.

I also loved the office space & huge desk which I made my office for the next week- I enjoyed the surprisingly fast Wifi & loved working from the farm. Every meal was different & the cook was great- he really pampered us.

I am was amazed to see how my work productivity went up- I was no longer tired all the time due to the fresh air around us. The children also enjoyed all the activities & I was glad to spend quality time with my family here. I recommend Mulberry farms to those who want to escape the city life for a luxury vacation for a few days while still being nearby Gurgaon.

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